Conflict Reflection Paper

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The conflict I picked happened at my previous place of work. I worked as a Computer Technician for a local computer store. One day my boss called me into his office and told me that it was my last day. I inquired as to why that was and he continued on to say that he did not like me getting friendly with his clients. I, of course, was dumbfounded by his response. I rebutted by saying as an employing representing the company, it is critical for me to be on good terms with the clients. This would ensure that they stay fateful and enjoy our service. He further stated, "That he didn 't want me stealing them, so you are fired." As I left the workplace, I replaced the scenario over in my head. The critical analysis tool I can best use for this issue is the Starburst brainstorming tool.

• Who does this affect?
• Who made the change?
• Who can change the situation?

• What is the cost to me?
• What are the other options?

• Where are other daycares?

• When does the change start?
• When do I need a final decision?

• Why did the change happen?
• Why aren’t there options? Flexibility?

• How will this end? New job? New daycare?
• How are other employees handling it?


• Who does this affect? This currently myself, the clients, the employer and my co-workers. With the loss of a familiar face, each client would question the stability of the workplace, quality of the employees and the leadership skills of the employer. I will, of course, lose my
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