Conflict Resolution In Life Of Pi

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Conflict Resolution One day my husband and I decided to take all 3 kids with us to the movies to see Life of Pi. At the same time, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 and the remake of Red Dawn were also showing. The questions started as to if they could see one of the other movies instead. Here inlaid the conflict – the girls wanted to watch Twilight, the boys wanted to watch Red Dawn, and of course, the parents wanted to see Life of Pi. The Concept of Conflict Conflict means “to come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory, at variance or in opposition; clash” ( Whether work, home or church, everyone has had some type of conflict in their life. The outcome of the conflict tends to be more important than the conflict itself. Were you able to resolve your conflict in a positive or negative way? The Types of Conflict Positive or C-type conflict in a group allows “members to focus on substantive, issue-related differences of opinion that tend to improve team effectiveness” (Esquivel, 1997). When this occurs, team members become more open and contribute to the tasks in an honest, yet non-combative way. They help in the decision-making process by voicing their opinions, thoughts, and ideas, which creates a great commitment. Members feel as though they are important and valued within the team. Negative or A-type conflict in a team is the opposite of C-type. “A-type decreases the effectiveness of the group by allowing personal feeling or someone’s own agenda to

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