Intimacy In Dating Couples

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Campbell, Simpson, Boldry, & Kashy, (2005), Thus, the inability to successfully use one’s partner as a secure base and source of comfort may over time erode the closeness and connection couples feel toward one another because they become less open to engaging in other positive experiences with one another. Campbell et al., 2005; Mikulincer & Shaver, (2005), Decreased feelings of intimacy may signify less commitment to repairing, maintaining, or improving the marital relationship, creating an emotionally challenging environment in which to resolve conflict. Partners may feel more uncomfortable openly discussing their feelings when they sense distance from each other (Mikulincer & Shaver,2005). Sinclair and Fehr (2005) also examined the relationship between individual difference variables, conflict, and satisfaction. Specifically, the authors investigated how self-construal’s were related to conflict and satisfaction in romantic relationships. Correlation analysis was done in order to see the relationship of Conflict and Intimacy among Dating Couples. There was a significant and negative relationship found. Through this we get to know that intimacy is higher than conflict in dating couples of today’s world, which is good, as they know how to handle conflicts. It’s normal for a couple to quarrel from time…show more content…
Even developed countries have very limited data on the subject. It is a matter for paying attention that there are no researches done in this regard in the Indian context. Though India is one of the developing countries, where we talk about Conflict and Intimacy. After a long literature review we found that Indian researchers have not paid much attention to the very sensitive topic on Dating Couples. There is lot of scope to research further in this area, conflict and issues related to Intimacy in Dating Couples can be easily seen in the societies of developing
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