Conflict: The Causes Of Conflict In Africa

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According to Gesiye (2003) conflict can be defined as debate, controversy, fights and wars between people or countries. Conflict usually takes place when underprivileged groups, nation and individuals are aiming to increase their share of power and wealth and to adjust to the presiding and main values, norms and believe. According to Galtung (1996) Conflict can be looked at as a structure, attitudes and behaviour. Conflict as a ‘structure’, means the conflict situation, groups have mismatched interests among them. Types of Conflicts 1. Dysfunctional Conflict According to Shah (2009) dysfunctional conflict is display in features. It involves destruction and death, buildings been destroyed, sickness, insecurity and lack of legitimate law. When …show more content…

Serious brutality has been linked with conflict. Since 1970, about 30 wars were fought in Africa. In 1996, 53 countries in Africa were involved in armed conflicts and ended in about 8 million refugees. “Zimbabwe is another bomb waiting to explode as many Zimbabweans has fled the country to neighbouring countries as a result of the political crisis in that country which has crippled the whole country as a result of the dispute from their last general election (Wikipedia). Causes of conflicts in Africa (Kenya) The origin of conflicts are linked with the struggle for keeping and challenging a controlling power status, frastraction made by comparative hardship. According to Burton (1990) causes of conflicts are many, connected and different from individuals to group violation. Some conflicts are local and others are the result of changes in the many national structures since cold war ended. 1. Poverty According to Draman (2003) poverty cause conflict and conflict can lead to poverty based on the state of insecurity and bad governance. Many areas in Kenya are the torn because they struggling from hunger and starvation. Kenya is seen as a poor country but has many natural …show more content…

Organised ancient weaponry can be destructive as seen in Rwanda. And it also had an affect on Kenya. Entrance to arms is becoming easier day by day thinking of the level of conflicts that are degenerated to war in Africa, especially in Kenya. Impacts of conflict in Kenya 1. Community and Social Structure According to Dele conflicts wreck society social structure and women and children are mostly targets. As known Kenya has a lot of women and children, causing insecurity, and diseases to increases. 2. Political institutions According to Dele the national political system is wrecked and the killing of the present and the future is the order of the day. Bitterness, division and lack of trust live among clans leading the chaos of the traditional political system. Ways to solve conflicts in Kenya According to Gutto (2009) the United Nation needs to do more for the country through medical help, peace keeping and safety. Mistakes that are been made within the government of Kenya. According to Kisule, taking actions in order to control the situation. Committing to working the problems out. Negotiating toward a settlement with the society. Policies, procedures and rules at Kenya should be improved. Changing ways people communicate, adding new resources and decreasing authorities that ‘offend’ people of

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