Conflict: The Most Important Importance Of Conflict Resolution

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Conflict is important. It can both strengthen and weaken relationships. They have the ability to create productive outcomes: forging a deeper connection, instilling respect, and establish solutions. However, conflicts can also have destructive consequences. They can cause resentment, acrimony, and even leading to divorce. In other words, a relationship with no problems might actually be unhealthier than a relationship with a lot of problems, it’s all about achieving balance.
A critical point to consider, is how conflicts are resolved. This is ultimately the most important factor to determine the state of a relationship as satisfying, or dissatisfying. Conflicts can arise from all sorts of reasons, be it unimportant differences about who’s doing the dishes, or heated
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This is why it’s necessary to always have your partner’s best interest at heart, and encourage openness and trust, while discouraging manipulation, deception and disrespect. A mutual ambition to help one another is an integral part of any long lasting relationship.
At the same time, a mistrustful attitude will only slow the process of conflict resolution. Thinking you have to win every single argument and being hardheaded, or being too submissive, will also harm your relationship.
The first step to resolve a conflict in a healthy manner is by identifying the problem.
To accomplish this, a discussion is necessary to better understand both sides of the problem, and what the ideal outcomes are. At this stage, being expressive and listening are both key. Carefully consider what your partner wants and what you want.

The next step is to look at different solutions. First and foremost, figure out what you both agree on. Then, talk about what interests and goals you have in common for any given problem. Exhaust all options, and talk about them in

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