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Conflict is important. It can both strengthen and weaken relationships. They have the ability to create productive outcomes: forging a deeper connection, instilling respect, and establish solutions. However, conflicts can also have destructive consequences. They can cause resentment, acrimony, and even leading to divorce. In other words, a relationship with no problems might actually be unhealthier than a relationship with a lot of problems, it’s all about achieving balance. A critical point to consider, is how conflicts are resolved. This is ultimately the most important factor to determine the state of a relationship as satisfying, or dissatisfying. Conflicts can arise from all sorts of reasons, be it unimportant differences about who’s doing…show more content…
Recognize which solutions you both like; eliminate the ones you both feel are unacceptable. After that, narrow it down to one or two solutions you both agree on. At this point try to be as honest as possible, don’t be afraid to put your foot down and say things like: “I don’t agree with that”, or “I don’t really think that’s fair”. The fourth step is to determine which solution is best. It’s particularly important that you’re both on board with whatever you decide to ensure you’re both committed to that specific solution. The fifth step is to integrate the solution in a meaningful way. Even though the solution you chose might not have been the best one, try to implement it by deciding who should do what, and by when should you do it. The final step keep is to track of changes. Because any given solution might not work out as you’d hoped, make it a habit of asking how your partner is feeling, and how the solution is working for them. Maybe something was overlooked, or a certain aspect wasn’t considered? This is the time to revise your decision, and modify the solution accordingly. Depending on many variables, relationships might be a lot more difficult than they have to be. But as long as you’re both committed to working problems out, there’s always another solution, or a different approach, that will allow you live in a happy and healthy

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