Conflict: The Three Major Causes Of Conflict

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1. CONFLICT 1.1 Definition of Conflict Conflict is defined as the natural outcome when an individual, a group or an organization comes together with another party, which has different values, behavior, background, culture, skills etc. that temporarily prevents one of them from achieving its aims (Rahim, M.A., 2010). Conflict is everywhere, where human beings exist. It occurs as a war between the nations, discussion between lovers, divorce cases between couples, madness between friends, negotiations between companies working together, political acts against terror, resignation against managers. People face conflict so often that it is an undeniable part of their lives. 1.2 Causes of Conflict There are many factors in different areas of life that cause conflicts. The causes are to be well analyzed in order to resolve the conflicts. There are 3 major claims that compile the causes. 1.2.a First major idea According to McAuliffe (2009), human genome developed a part that is responsible of conflicts in our genes. Johnson and Keddy (2010) believe that the possible reason for this is that ancient people needed to struggle in order to protect themselves and their clans, to supply the food and other things that they needed to survive. They used to fight against other communities, against animals and against the nature. As a heritage of the history, there is a common belief among people that one should gain over the others to survive and this instinctive behavior of people is one of

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