Conflict Theories Of Abortion

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Abortion refers to the termination of a pregnancy by removing or taking out the fetus or embryo from the uterus prematurely or before it is ready for birth. There are two major forms of abortion: spontaneous, which is often referred to as a miscarriage and as the name suggests is unintentional or the purposeful abortion, which is most often abortion induced by medication or other such ways. The term abortion is commonly used to refer to the induced abortion, and this is the particular abortion, which has been filled with controversy. In developed nations, induced abortions are the most dependable and trustworthy form of medical procedures in medicine if it is performed under the auspices of the local law. Thus, abortions are possibly the most…show more content…
The conflict standpoint is based on the idea that the society is comprised of various different groups who are in constant friction with one another for the access of scarce and valuable resources; these may include wealth, fame, power, or the authority to apply one’s own value system onto the general society. The conflict theorists argue that a conflict exists in the society when a group of people who believe that their interests are not being met, or that they are not getting a fair share of the society’s resources, work to counter what they perceive as a handicap or a…show more content…
On the basis of the sociological imagination, the behavior and attitudes of people be perceived in the context of the social forces that shape their actions.. Wright Mills developed the theory, and he stressed that the changes in society have an enormous impact on our lives. Before 1970, legal abortions were unheard of in the United States and the people perceived abortion as a taboo and a despicable act. However, once the law was changed so that doctors could perform legal abortions, the attitude of the people changed. To prove the fact that abortion is a social problem, we need to look at the components of a social issue. A social problem is an aspect of life that people are concerned about and would like to change. It consists of two components: the objective requirement that an aspect of society can be measured. . The objective condition in the case of abortion entails the question whether abortions are legal, who obtains an abortion, and under what circumstances is an abortion secured (Henslin, 2008). The second component is the subjective condition; This is the concern that a significant number of people have regarding the objective condition. In the case of abortion, the personal condition involves distress that a pregnant woman must carry the unwanted baby to full term (Henslin, 2008). It also includes the distress that a woman can terminate her pregnancy on demand. Therefore, abortion is a

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