Conflict Theory In American Society

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Conflict Theory American society today is made up of all three of the theories. In my opinion, these theories all thrive off each other as a whole. I feel that the chain is something like this, Symbolic Interactionism, as well as Functionalism, lead into Conflict Theory. However, I feel that Conflict Theory is by far the largest component American society is made from, here is why! First I would like to touch on Symbolic Interactionism, symbols we attach value or meaning. This is a large part of this theory that sticks out, the part of this theory that I think applies the utmost to our society. It’s applied to everything around us, from what car you drive to what kind of earphones or purse you own. These material comforts…show more content…
If we had an even playing field then everyone would be equal, this would eliminate value. Conflict Theory is used to secure resources and maintain the value of them for the rich. Wealthy working together as one to maintain the value of themselves directly impacts the education system. A high level of education produces higher paying jobs. The more people that have these jobs, the more uniform the playing field; this directly diminishes the value of money. Greater education comes with a higher price tag. This I believe is set in place to keep the wealthy, rich in addition the poor uneducated. A system of winners and losers, a system that creates conflict. Racism is another great example of Conflict theory as it creates that separation, the void of having Functionalism. If the wealthy, as well as corporations, keep the void between us all, they keep their power over the American society. Conflict theory is everywhere I look within American; the country was born and thrives on conflict theory. This is something I have felt strong about for years. After doing some reading, the cross correlation between the three is amazing. However, I feel we have an extensive amount of Conflict Theory in society
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