Conflict Theory In Health And Social Care Essay

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The words I have chosen for the first dictionary are Symbolic interactionism, conflict theory, and structural functionalism. These three words feel the closest to me because I am part of a medical field when I volunteer for hospitals. When working with adults in the Emergency Room and Intensive Critical care I tend to see different social classes, different diversities, social roles, different genders, race, and environments. When it comes to functionalism, we have doctors, nurses, and physician assistants working together as a team towards their goal of treating a patient. These show that there are roles that the patients look up too and trust with their life because they are educated. These roles need to earn a relationship between the patients…show more content…
When viewing an interaction between a doctor and a patient, you will see both will change how they act and speak. For example their interaction was professional, compared to when a doctor or patient is with their coworkers or family they change themselves to be more sociable or themselves. Based on the company they have they change to how they think they should be seen. When it comes to conflict theory, when working under a hospital the person in charge is dominant compared to those who are working for that company. Sometimes in the healthcare field people who feel not in the same level as those above them may be put down and upset. This would lead to competition and inequality within their society starting strikes to show them that they are lower than those above them. Some information adults should be aware of at this point of life is that be your self, you are your self that no one else has the power to be. Working together as a group or a team will help your organization or family come towards a goal maybe all of you did not know you have. Every action made has a meaning behind it as well. Never have someone feel that they are worth less than what you are, have those feel as equal as you feel you are. Understand to how to interact depending on the situation you are in whether it is with the law, healthcare, educational systems and
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