Conflict Functionalism And Conflict Analysis

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In sociology, the theories we are provided with allows us to view the world we live in today from different perspectives. A theory is defined as a group of general propositions that are tested and usually used as a tool for either an explanation or a prediction. The main three theories found in sociology makes it easier for us to understand and it also provides us with understndable reasoning on the behavior occuring in our sociey and why they happen. The classical theoretical frameworks consist of conflict, functionalism, and symbolic theory. In my short essay I will be going in depth on what and how conflict & functionalism theories can be used to explain the social context in which we live. The conflict theory was founded by Karl Marx. The conflict theories perspective, views society as composed of many heterogeneous groups and competing for dominance and resources and capital.…show more content…
However, the workers are also seeking higher wages. If the owners decide to keep their wages to a restricted pay where the employees aren’t satisfied, they can go on strike or come together and form a labor union and negotiate with the owners until they’ve reached an agreement to increase their wages. Also, another exampe in society would be healthcare. Healthcare is a reflection of inequalities in our society. The main issue is how accessible health care is, due to all the privatization and bureaucratization they’ve been allowed to manipulate and inflate prices making it hard for people to get the care they need. There should be a policy that improves healthcare for the lower class. This example shows how conflict theory is battle for dominace or higher ranking in the society we live in today. In contrast to the conflict theory, theres the functionalism theory. The functionalism theory is the opposite of the conflict theory. Functionalism implies that society is coming together to work together and each aspect of
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