Conflict Theory In Sociology

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In sociology, the theories we are provided with allows us to view the world we live in today from different perspectives. A theory is defined as a group of general propositions that are tested and usually used as a tool for either an explanation or a prediction. The main three theories found in sociology makes it easier for us to understand and it also provides us with understndable reasoning on the behavior occuring in our sociey and why they happen. The classical theoretical frameworks consist of conflict, functionalism, and symbolic theory. In my short essay I will be going in depth on what and how conflict & functionalism theories can be used to explain the social context in which we live. The conflict theory was founded by Karl Marx. The…show more content…
Functionalism implies that society is coming together to work together and each aspect of society is interdependetn. This theory has multiple contributors but the two main ones were Robert Merton and Talcott Parsons. The functionalism theorist uses the words dysfunctional and functional to outline the effects social elements have on society. An example of functionalism in our society today would be law. Lawyers, judges, criminals, and police are all a part of a justice department. Without one or the other, there wouldn’t be a justice department. Imagine a society without criminals, there wouldn’t be any police. Imagine a world without lawyers, there wouldn’t be anyone to defend anyone who has a case. Like I stated earlier in my paper, functionalism is a theory that relies on many things around it to function properly as a whole. Another example would be paying taxes, in our society today children go to public schoold for free. However, parents have to pay taxes that help keep schools and cities running. In return from paying taxes, parents are dependent on the government to help their kids gain knowledge and grow up to have good paying jobs so they can start and help their own families. During this procedure, the government technically gains another tax payer as the child becomes a law-abiding citizen who knows pays back the state. I see functionalism as a win win situation in this case. However, functionalism also has two aspects to it; dysfunctionalims and fucntionalism. Functionalism would be anythimg that contributes to social stability in a positive manner. Dysfunctionalism is anything that breaks down or disrupts our social stability. However, some things can be both dysfunctional and functional. A good example of that would be crime. Durkheim, a known functionalist believes that crime can be both dysfunctional and functional. Crime is dysfunctionl because it ties in with violence and it

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