Conflict Theory On Abortion

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Today, abortion still one of the most controversial topics in our communities, some with the Idea that it's wrong (pro-life) and others that is totally okay that women should have control over their body (pro-choice). Even though, it became legal in 1973, there are a big amount of people opposing abortion as a moral wrong. In this paper I would like to talk about three different theories on abortion. First, the structural functionalist, second the conflict perspective theory and third the symbolic Interaction theory. A structural-functional approach that it should be possible for a pregnant woman to obtain a legal abortion in specific circumstances. Some functions of abortion include health, basic needs, and age. Meanwhile, “according to a…show more content…
Not to mention, it reduces the population. Due to the legal abortion, the amount of abortions has increased, while the bad practices in women (Dead) has decreased. And the question is, Who can really afford to have an abortion? middle class people, perhaps? and upper class people, but the reality is that poor people still can afford it, meaning that things aren’t so different after all, other than (is legal to take someone else's life) poor people still poor. There is also help for those women that do decide to keep the baby either if they are not in their financial situation that they wish they could be in before becoming mothers or the relationship they wish they had with the baby's father even for those young women that haven't finished their careers and would like to go back to school. For example, Bethany Christian services which offer financial assistance and even adoption. The government offer as well financial assistance for those women who wants to continue the carrier. We see that there is…show more content…
If so, it leads to what's call P.A.S.S Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. According to why abortion in America has become a social problem “P.A.S.S. Is a type of Post traumatic stress disorder which develops when a woman is unable to work through her emotional responses resulting from the trauma of an abortion. Abortion has turned into something that women are being coerced into from boyfriends/husbands unwilling to be fathers, out of fear of the financial pressure, out of panic from losing their jobs, out of panic from having to quit school, or become homeless, or out of fear of their parents kicking them out into the abortion. P.A.S.S. can have many serious side effects, ranging from depression to eating disorders, to as severe as suicide. There are women who abort and do so completely of their own free will. These women have no regrets, no remorse, and are happy they had this choice available. But a growing number of women are speaking up about how abortion affected them
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