Violence Against Women: A Case Study

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While women must be a part of the solution wherever there is a conflict, the existing repressive social norms branch out into institutions that should otherwise counteract it. During conflict women are among the most vulnerable groups for reasons more than just violence. There exists a covert dismissal of the females by their male counterparts which imposes an overt ideological colonialism; an abiding tussle of women against men for free sociopolitical space after traumatic experiences during conflict; and the subtle marginalization of women caused by homosociality. Even though conflicts are equally traumatic for men, they are known to affect both men and women differently. Women tend to have lesser economic, social and other resources to protect…show more content…
a) Prevention: This pillar focuses on ‘prevention of conflict and all forms of violence against women and girls in conflict and post-conflict situations’ (Women 2013). However, much to the dismay of the interests of women, it continues to be an aspect that has received the least possible attention. It aims at incorporating gender considerations into the analysis of conflict situations and involving women and their peculiar needs in the prevention of conflict or even in the process of disarmament. It also takes into account measures to ensure equitable response to violence against women by fighting for perpetrators of conflict-related sexual violence. Other strategies aimed at preventing Gender Based Violence include posing questions at the discriminatory gender norms, attitudes and behaviors that have been harbored by our societies for ages and engaging with men and boys. This engagement is not only a=on the basis of perception of men as perpetrators of violence but as victims themselves and also as instruments that can drive active…show more content…
This idea seeks to ensure that the rights and interests of the female gender are upheld in situations of conflict and that they are not subjected to Gender based Violation in general and sexual violence in particular during any instance of humanitarian crisis. It also lays emphasis on the need to safeguard the interests of immigrant and refugee women in their different stages of displacement or women who are displaced internally. However, it is noteworthy to mention that ‘protection’ may not be understood similar to ‘security’, even though both concepts are closely associated with each other. This begins with the realization that women and men experience security differently and to use this realization to determine what women and girls need in order to safely participate in the society and subsequently, shift focus to
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