Conflicted Relationships In The Blind Assassin

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At first glance, the relationship between protagonist Iris Chase and her sister Laura looks rather normal. However, looking more closely, it is clear that nothing is as it seems. As Robinson says, Iris has a “conflicted relationship with her enigmatic sister”(348) and that the two are “psychologically entangled” (347). The following essay will focus on the relationship, described by Davies as “apparently uneven and lopsided”(1138), between the two sisters and more specifically, how it worsens as the novel progresses. This essay will make the reader look at The Blind Assassin in a different way and notice the tension caused by this conflicted relationship. Laura, was, as Iris put it, “different” (110), which got her a lot of attention from others. As a result of this, Iris got less attention. Reenie explains this as follows: “It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease”(105). The squeaky wheel in this analogy is of course Laura, and the grease the attention from others. Consequently, Iris began to resent Laura. She resented even insignificant things, for example that Laura has a favourite letter, L, while Iris does not because her letter, I, is everyone’s letter (110). Iris was jealous of Laura, wanting the same things she has.
This is most clearly demonstrated in the fact that Iris has an affair with the only man Laura ever loved. Iris’ jealousy might also be the reason she admits to having written ‘The Blind Assassin’, perhaps hoping to get the same following

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