A Decade Of Fear Analysis

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Sam Robert, in the article, A Decade of Fear argues that mccarthyism turned americans against each other. Robert supports his claim by illustrating fear, describing betrayal, and comparing it to other United States internal conflicts. The author's purpose is to point out a vulnerable period in american history in order to demonstrate that americans felt prey to mccarthyism negative propaganda. The author writes in a reflective tone for and educated audience. I strongly agree with Roberts claim.Mccarthyism caused americans to turn against each other due to, fear, political reasons, and growing hysteria. Clearly, Mccarthyism stoked fear in americans. One reason for this is because people seeked higher power and would go to extremes just to obtain it. For example, “In 1949 when communists led by Mao Zedong took control of China and the soviets detonated an atomic bomb” (Roberts). Many feared the actions that Mao Zedong would take owing to the fact that he possessed all of China. Moreover, another reason as to where fear was portrayed was within the Red Scare. For example, “...Thousands of alleged…show more content…
In addition, if this were implemented chaos and disorder would follow. Thus, their would be disarangemnet within the government and people would turn against each other. In like manner, certain people would seek higher power and others would be caught poowerless living in fear. Overall, the reucorance of this decade would only have a negative effect toward society if implemented again. Moreover, the different forms of power which people possesed led to fear within each person. In addition, due to the seeking of higher power the political aspect became an issue as well. Moreover, growing hysteria caused others to do the unthinkable and turn against their own people. Henceforth, a stable government, the ablility to stand up for one another, and order will help prevent another decade of
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