Conflicts And Characters In The Book 'Time Of The Wolves'

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Conflicts and Characters Essay

Conflicts, in literature there are three types. Person vs. self, person vs person, and person vs nature. I believe that all these conflicts are very interesting to read and learn about. Today i will be writing an essay about them and two characters in basic grade 9 literature who experience these types of conflict.

In the literature ‘Time of The Wolves’ Alma faces the dilemma of having to decide whether or not to follow through in visiting Sarah. She faces her options and has contemplated between the pro’s and con’s between her own feelings and thoughts. This is self vs. self conflict in the manner that she is arguing for each side of the case. This character shows the well being of her emotions and does want
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nature. Alma shivered with fear as she realized a blizzard was brewing while her visit with sarah keeping calm she then notices the weather is unfit for any necessary travel to safety. She handled this situation with great organization skills. She took a deep breathe as well as few seconds to clear her head. ALma then dealt with the things that were important such as the farm animals, gave a relaxed plan to sarah, and planned to stay where she was away from the windows. With great determination and little insecurities she was brave and persistent to do want she could for herself and sarah. She handled the situation with great realistic tactics and with great awareness of what was going on in her surroundings. The way rob contradicts against the dispute is that he withdrew great willingness to stand up for what he hoped to strive for and went through the hardest obstacles to reach his desired goal! He also kind of enjoyed the dissension against nature's obstacles, he had a very positive view towards natures conflicts. Although rob faced most of the obstacles with great positivity but another factor which lead to an amazing adventure was his stubborn side. His stubbornness guided him when he felt like giving up this showed how the author determined how he wanted to reveal robs strength while replicating the true character traits. Climbing high altitudes almost killed a lot of the climbers but rob was extremely determined to
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