Conflicts Faced By Alyss And Alice In The Looking Glass Wars

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Alyss or Alice? Why do different conflicts change people in different ways? Authors use different conflicts to change their characters in the novel. Conflicts change characters because they do not want to repeat the problems they previously had. For example, Beddor uses different conflicts in the Looking Glass Wars to change the up coming princess of Wonderland, Alyss. In The novel, Beddor uses these conflicts to reveal the real Princess of Wonderland, Alice.
In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as troublesome , demanding , and stubborn. The author states that imagination is a crucial part of life in Wonderland and Princess Alyss had the most powerful imagination ever seen in a 7-year-old ever to live in Wonderland: “ but as with any formidable talents, Alyss’ imagination could be used for good or ill, and the queen saw mild reasons for
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When Beddor says “Alyss’ imagination could be used for “good and ill,” he is leaving the reader feeling unsure if Alyss will use her imagination to its full potential. The queen is foreshadowing Alyss’ imagination to Redds. Alyss’ demanding self leads her to trouble and sadness: “I am princess Alyss Heart. The queen is my mother and-” Your-? Well, well.” The soldier turned to the fellow standing next to him, who had overheard everything. “Heh, George. This girl here says her mother's the queen.”(Beddor 75). When Alyss says “I am princess Alyss Heart…” she thinks she will be recognized but isn’t. At this point she will need to learn to adapt to the real world and reality. Alyss’ stubbornness creates tension and aggravation: “I’m sure you’ve had to face things that no young girl should ever have to face,” he said. “but you cannot hide in fantasy Alice. Accept what has happened to
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