Conflicts In Arcite And Palamon In The Knight's Tale

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In the story of “The Knight’s Tale” narrated by the Knight from Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, readers can experience the conflicts between two cousins after facing a similar dilemma. The dramatic tale between the cousins, named Arcite and Palamon, begins when Theseus, the Duke of Athens, discovers them in battle. Because the relatives were on the side of Creon, fighting for Thebes, Theseus decides to capture and imprison them. For many days the cousins are stuck in a lonesome room with a single window, which is where they can gaze upon a beautiful woman named Emily. Arcite and Palamon are instantly overcome with love for the alluring lady. Trapped in the tower, they believe that they will never be able to have her as their own. Then, several years later, Arcite receives help from a friend and is able to escape the tower. As Palamon still remains in the tower, Arcite acquires a job in Emily’s house, but he never confesses his love to her. Finally, Palamon flees from the imprisonment many years later, and the two cousins unexpectedly meet in a forest. When an intense brawl breaks out between Arcite and Palamon, Theseus intervenes and eventually decrees that an official tournament will grant Emily’s hand in marriage to the winner. Each participant prepares differently for the tournament, which tremendously affects the outcome of the event (Chaucer). While Arcite and Palamon seem very similar in background and personality, their contrasting calls of heart are revealed

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