Conflicts In George Orwell's Animal Farm And The Russian Revolution

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While reading Animal Farm one will notice many similarities to the Russian Revolution. From the mirroring of characters like Farmer Jones and Czar Nicholas and events like the implementation of labor camps, you can see where Orwell gained his inspiration from. Throughout Animal Farm, George Orwell uses different situations and characters to parallel people and events from the Russian Revolution to help simplify and teach students the possible outcomes of totalitarian style government. The first similarity to the Russian Revolution that is noticed in Animal Farm is witnessed between Farmer Jones and Czar Nicholas. Farmer Jones is a lazy man who does not enjoy taking care of the animals. He mistreats them by barely feeding them. As a result, he becomes…show more content…
Nicholas was a very selfish leader that did not take the citizens’ opinions into account when making decisions regarding their well-being. Both Farmer Jones and Czar Nicholas were autocratic leaders that possessed control until one day their captors had enough. This helps to show students the reason for the Russian Revolution and help them to understand what trials the Russians faced from an overbearing government. This leads me into my next similarity which is between the Battle of Cowshed and the Bolshevik Revolution. During the Russian Revolution the first fight that set off the whole uprising was the Bolshevik Revolution. This fight was between the Bolshevik people and Czar Nicholas. The Bolsheviks were tired of the mistreatment from their leader, so they made the decision to rebel. They fought for freedom against Czar Nicholas which ultimately led to him fleeing Russia and dying shortly after. Therefore, he no longer had power over the Bolsheviks. This is exactly what happened in Animal Farm regarding the Battle of Cowshed. During the Battle of Cowshed all of the animals revolted against their returning farmer, Mr. Jones, who also came with
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