Conflict In The Call Of The Wild

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If you are faced with a problem, would you cave in under the pressure or fight to overcome it? Conflicts often create different outcomes within the characters; examples include both Jack London’s Call of the wild and Edgar Allan Poe’s various poems. They use conflicts to develop a sense of character within their respective works, it often puts the characters in to one of two categories: characters that overcame their conflict, and characters that succumbed to their conflict. Some examples are how in Jack London’s novel The Call of the Wild in which the loving and friendly character Buck, gets turned into a savage and wolf-like dog because of a rigorous journey through Alaska which changed Buck’s view on almost everything. Also there is the…show more content…
Those are examples of weak characters who succumbed to their conflicts. The most accurate example is for “Tell Tale Heart” is when the narrator cannot do anything for many days straight except planning to murder the man he is caring for. This shows that he cannot control his thoughts, much less himself.The aforementioned act within the conflict revealed that he is a weak character. The next example is from “Tell Tale Heart” is after he actually carried out the plan for murder, then he confessed to it after repeatedly hearing the victim’s “heart beat”. This shows that he could not control all of the emotions inside of him at that moment like guilt, anger, and remorse; those actions clearly show that the narrator was a character who was revealed to be weak through the use of conflict. Lastly, the example from “Masque of the Red Death” is how Prince Prospero had succumbed to the Red Death after trying to hide from it. This shows a part of his character, it shows that the prince tends to run away from problems. That led to his demise when he could not run anymore and was forced to confront the Red Death. Contrary to Buck and the narrator of “Annabel Lee”, the narrator of “Tell Tale Heart” and Prince Prospero they were unable to overcome their problems and they were revealed to be weak characters because of
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