Conflicts In Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game

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Apparently, expression of ideas and significant information can be brought out in the form of literature. Different authors exhibit their prowess by using different ways of their art. For instance, The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell is an anthology whose main theme is exploring the acquisition of strength through experience and wit. Richard makes use of conflicts in developing the theme of the story and the characters who best befit their respective roles. Richard Connell slowly reveals his characters' traits in a long, complicated plot with two men in survival mode.
Journey to Rio
The short story begins with Rainsford and Whitney on a yacht on their way to Rio for a hunting event. In the light of conversation about the nearby island called ‘Ship-Trap Island,' Connell predicts the misery that awaits Rainsford at the island. This helps the audience to be anxious and expect an uncertain unfolding of events. It is through this that Rainsford decides to abandon his plan on prey as the story gets to a conclusion (Lyall, 2011).
Conflict is seen when Rainsford falls off the yacht while riding deep in the waters. He has to struggle swimming to the shore of the sea to find help at the island on the far end. However, Rainsford overcomes the overwhelming sea when “a certain coolheadedness
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She recognizes other attributes of this time, for example, she states that during Connell's era the big game hunting in South America was done in the Safari and one of the most prized wins was the jaguar. Also, she relates General Zaroff with President Theodore Roosevelt due to his hunting hobby. Roosevelt and his son killed more than 512 animals in Africa. This is related to General Zaroff because he also went on hunting sprees with his father which ultimately shaped how he was in the story. This allows the reader to see how Rainsford reacts to
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