Conflicts In The Kite Runner

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Amir’s Conflicts In the novel “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, the main character, Amir, has a weird attitude towards different characters, specially Hassan. Many readers judge Amir and call him mean and even evil, but he is not. The bad things he did and the good things he didn’t do are all because of his immaturity and own internal conflicts, and to prove this, we need some context. Amir is the son of Baba and their relationship was not the best, at least at the beginning of the book. Baba was a respected man, he represented an important figure in Kabul. He was wealthy, strict and for what we read in the first quarter of the book, he seems too proud. All this characteristics made people nervous when interacting with him, he was “a force of nature”(Amir, 12) and he was even capable of “drop the devil to his knees begging for mercy”(Rahim Khan, 13). That is the idea that the people of Kabul had of Baba. Being Baba’s son was complicated for Amir as he spends too much time trying to make him proud. Baba always wanted more from Amir. That is where Hassan comes in play. Hassan was Ali’s son, they both were servants and of Baba. Baba really appreciated Ali and had a special treatment with Hassan. Baba not only was a nice boss, he was like a second father for Hassan. One of the reasons why this was the case is because, apparently, Hassan was more capable than Amir. Once while they boys and Baba were skimming stones, “Hassan made his stone skip eight times. The most I managed
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