George Orwell's Animal Farm As A Fairy Story

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The Novella known as “Animal Farm“written by George Orwell is said to be a ‘Fairy Story’ , the author is giving us the message of Russian Revolution and any possible incidents in totalitarianism around the World. Animal Farm can also be known as a fairy story, because of several reasons. Some of the main reasons were that he wanted us to read the book for which he conveyed the message of the Russian Revolution and explained what was it like at that time. Most of us like fairy stories and so does the kids, but a short population of the World loves history compared to the fairy stories. And also because of the emotions of the people at that time, it might be offensive if the idea of the Russian Revolution was given directly, but as it is written…show more content…
As multiple countries don’t want their people to know about how the Russian Revolution was like, when they perceived the idea of what happened, they banned the book in a sturdy amount of countries. In the Russian Revolution they used to abuse the people in countless ways and that was portrayed in “Animal Farm” where the animals weren’t living in peace, they used to work all day, every week and also get a less amount of food and resources, but never stood against it, according to the story of “The Russian Revolution”. Of course, the most nerve-racking parts were if the animals were of no use or didn’t follow the rules ,they would get killed by Napoleon’s dogs like what is likely to happen to the people of the Russian Revolution. At that time Stalin was full of power, and was at the highest peak of his life where he had the power to do anything to anyone, so maybe after getting to know about this book he could’ve probably assassinated Orwell, and take this book out of existence. But turning this into a “Fairy Story”, made him safe and at the same time pass the message to
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