Conformance Vs Conformity

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In order to properly support the thesis, a definition of conformance will be necessary. To conform is to bring your beliefs or views to harmony with another 's. Usually, conversion is the result of an external conflict or a battle within that inflicts subconscious or forced changes in behavior. This is a weakness that enables one to attain control over his or her personal life, eliminating freedom. The act of conforming can be done for several reasons, such as the need for acceptance and/or pressure. There is a fine line separating submission and obedience, which can be crossed with ease. To conform is to be fully submitted in one 's views, sometimes without consent and accepting them as your own. In a sense, it is a slow transformation…show more content…
Autonomy is having full control of your present and future. I believe that each individual should govern their own life in order to maintain freedom and sustenance. Self-government is a crucial step to one 's independence because adulthood can 't be reached otherwise. A need for such power comes from the subconscious demand for authority and the crave for power. Additionally, the need for significant control derives from the desire for superiority and importance, as an individual. Where else is control more beneficial than in one 's own life? My future should be regulated by my needs and desires, all resulting from a job that can add comfort and sustainability to life. I shouldn’t be relying on others for financial and emotional support, but instead should be offering my support. I desire my future to be as autonomous as I make it, meaning, I should control my decisions and resolve all my financial problems. A satisfactory career is a perfect example of independence present in…show more content…
My parents being raised in a Slavic country have a different attitude regarding my life. Eastern European culture is more conservative, which limits me in this liberal environment. My parents have very high expectation for me that elevate the standards for my own life. My beloved parents can lead astray goals that I establish for my future. Being raised in a differing environment from my parents, I tend to have different beliefs about my future. My parents believe that I’ll live my life similarly to the one of my siblings. The developing environment I grew up in differs from the one all my family grew up in, resulting in disagreeing views. My parents often don 't consider the opportunities I have available and expect me to follow the crowd in most decisions. They don 't want me to stand out because of what I love, whom I love, and what I do. They know that standing out in our society will have difficulties and advise me not to exceed my limits. My parents believe that "marriage should come above and before a career". They were raised in an environment where marriage at an early age was considered ideal and the main goal in marriage was to have offspring as a continuation of the family. Likewise, this custom was commonly applied in order to obtain support when reaching old age. This belief is still emplaced by my parents because of their

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