Gender Conformity In Sport Essay

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For my paper I am going to go into detail on why female athletes should be allowed to participate in any sport because they are a female and they should be allowed to be in a feminine sport or a masculine sport. The whole concept of a sport being masculine versus feminine is the traits that go along with the sport. I will get into those more when in the body paragraphs, but I chose to focus on this concept because it is a major problem in today’s society. The concept is called gender conformity. It is a concept to where if someone is male they are masculine, and if someone is female then they are feminine. It is an issue in many sports today because people tend to have a problem if they see any women participating in any male dominant sport that is deemed to be considered masculine. It shapes inequality in American sport by only allowing women to play in the feminine sports, when sometimes the women may want to be involved in any male or masculine sport. Gender conforming is when a female is supposed to engage in feminine sports or activities whereas males are supposed to engage in only…show more content…
I never would have thought that there are boundaries when it comes to masculinity and femininity. I now understand why females do not play football and I also understand why males do not dance or do any feminine sport. The girl who joined the football team stepped out her feminine boundaries and tried to join in on the masculinity. The PE class was an example of how boys and girls act, meaning that boys want to be masculine and do masculine things, while females want to be feminine and do feminine things. I agree with Jones, Murrell, and Jackson’s (1999) three categories classifications for male, female, and neutral sports because it easily helps me identify the appropriate sport for each gender. If I would have known this then, then I would have known why males and females do not do the same
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