Conformism In The Conformist

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The Conformist is novel that 's basis is centered in the fascist mind and the ability to have no imagination and be devoid of rational thinking. Alberto Moravia is an intellectual and he takes a strong interest with how the mind of fascist develops under the rule of a fascist ruler, such as Mussolini. Fascism is the great Italian social crisis of the 20th century and its main form of oppression is the severe enforcement of conformism. Conformism through fascism is intellectually weak and profoundly lazy. Moravia 's protagonist Marcello is weak minded and succumbs to embracing fascism. Marcello 's interior monologue is the definitively twisted aspect of this novel as it shows us how he rationalizes the irrational choices made in his life. The time is marked by indifference meaning that the average person was too indifferent to their political life situation that they did not pick a side to support. Consequently this negative decision lead to the rise of fascism. Marcello had a very difficult childhood and due to that he becomes a conflicted human in his later life. Marcello is neglected by his parents, he is sexually assaulted by a homosexual ex-priest named Lino and displays significant opposition to life forms around him. Marcello believes that because of all these negative aspects that Iife has placed upon him he must seek to become a normal person in an attempt to erase all of his wrongs. "This is what normality was- this breathless, futile desire to

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