Conformist Community In The Giver

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A Conformist Community Imagine yourself living in a community with no choices and the government controls everything. That is how life is in The Giver by Lois Lowry. In The Giver, the main character is a boy named Jonas. In The Giver Jonas is eleven and he lives in a utopian community or in other words an almost perfect community, where no one can feel pain. In this perfect community everyone is assigned a job or an Assignment, when they get assigned they can’t choose, the Elders (government) chooses for them. When Jonas turns twelve he hasn’t been assigned, he has been selected by the Giver to be the next Receiver of memory. Jonas receives important training from the Giver. Now, Jonas must bear the memories of pain and pleasures of the past.…show more content…
In the beginning of The Giver, Jonas is an honest boy, but, as the story progresses Jonas becomes deceitful. At the start Jonas was honest because even though he didn’t want to share his dream he still did it anyway. Jonas becomes more deceitful by lying to his parents that he understands the meaning of love. Additionally, Jonas changes as an obedient person who obeys the rules to a rebellious person trying to change the community. In the beginning, Jonas listens to the speaker commanding the community to go into their dwelling, immediately Jonas obeys the speaker, leaves his bicycle and runs into the dwelling. Nearing the end of The Giver, Jonas changes and becomes rebellious. An example of Jonas being rebellious is when he left his dwelling, stole food from the community, taken his father’s bike, and taken Gabe. By the end of the story, Jonas’s character changes into rebellious and deceitful. As a result of Jonas’s character changing his view of the so-called utopian community also changes too. Furthermore, Jonas’s character change affected his view of the community by making him think that it was not perfect at all, the community had secrets and the past stored away, and no one knew except him and the
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