Conformity And It's Effect On Society

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Janie finds out that her second attempt to marriage does not give what she desires, and it is only in her “condemned” marriage that Janie finally achieves her true love and happiness. After marrying Jody, Janie was deceived into thinking she was living a high-class life, but in reality was confined even more in this marriage than her last one. Janie is not allowed to participate in any town events that are ruled as un-lady like by Jody. On the outside, Janie is restricted to the general store or the house, but in those times she would constantly question why she was not able to behave like a man. It is only when Janie marries Tea Cake, a man younger than her, that she achieves her quest of finding true love and subsequently her happiness. Regardless of society’s views of their union, Janie denies all their criticism and lives happily. After trials and errors on two marriages, Janie finally reveals to the reader that the only way to achieve what one wants is to leave all of society’s norms and pursue what he or she wants. If she were to fill her roles as a woman she would not have married the third time and would have lived with how her life currently was.…show more content…
After being constantly oppressed for wanting and desiring irrational things as a woman, the last marriage with Tea Cake really brings out how conformity does save one harsh words from others, but it is only by going against the rules that one can be who they are and attain
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