Conformity And Nonconforming In Animal Farm

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Conforming vs Nonconforming In every society there are always people who conform and follow all the rules blindly and there are always people who nonconform and do things that most people wouldn’t. An example of a conformer is the horse boxer from Animal Farm written by George Orwell. In this novel animal farm which was an allegory of the Russian Revolution. Boxer who is one of the main characters, leads a life where all he does is follow rules no matter how absurd or wrong they are. While an example of a non conformer is Colin Kaepernick a Professional football player who decided not to kneel during the national anthem. One of the reasons he doesn’t kneel is because he says america is not upholding the things that the national anthem states fairly with all races. Conformity and nonconformity is a double edged sword in the way that whether you conform or non conform there will be both positive and negative consequences. In the novel Animal Farm Boxer who is the main work force of the farm is a conformist. In the story Boxer is not as intelligent as the other animals, so they can easily manipulate him to do things and…show more content…
Boxer who was a conformist conformed by following all the rules set out by napoleon and the pigs disregarding his own feelings and opinions. He had both positive and negative consequences like, getting the respect and admiration from other animals and getting killed by Napoleon unjustly. Colin Kaepernick who was the nonconformist non confirmed by kneeling during the national anthem while everyone else stood up. He also had both positive and negative consequences like, gaining respect and support from other athletes and stars around the world and veterans and people with some sort of military backgrounds. This all shows that conformity and nonconformity is a double edged sword that always has both positive and negative
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