Conformity In Bolivia

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Bolivia is a beautiful country located in central South America, with countries surrounding all of its borders. It has experienced a rich history from as early as 2,000 BC. Originally inhabited by indigenous native Indians, after the invasion by the Spanish and migration from adjacent countries, it has experienced cultural and political change, including much struggle and political instability - which continues today. However, the mixing of different people into the country also created a society full of diverse cultures, traditions and religions. Bolivia is a country made up of the indigenous native Indians, the Europeans who are mostly Spanish and the mestizos, who are a mixture of both cultures. As a Mestizo, I have experienced the impact…show more content…
When we start imitating somebody else’s behavior without giving it a thought, we lose sight of who we really are and how we really feel. A various amount of citizens in Bolivia are conforming to numerous government’s regulations, but my family was not one of them. The concept of identity includes one’s personality, beliefs, hopes and knowledge. It typically beings with one’s family and cultural origin. It is basically another way of saying or demonstrating a desire to go along with the group in order to be accepted. Moreover, to develop one’s identity people expect validation from outsiders. Whether it’s a teenager trying to be accepted by his/her peers, whether it’s a school system imposing a common core curriculum or an individual suppressing his/her original thoughts or ideas, it is a means of survival . As human beings we all want to feel that we belong somewhere, that we come from somewhere, and that we are also true to…show more content…
However, after three months of absolute misery, I was able to persuade my mom to visit her once a week. I would visit her every Sunday from 12-2 with my dad and my grandma. During those visits I witnessed the most heinous acts of inhumanity. Inappropriate conduct was commonplace. My mom was surrounded by criminals, people who had killed and raped. Sadly, the continual chaos and the death of my grandfather all contributed to the deterioration of my mother’s health. She eventually had a stroke, was removed from the jail, and was hospitalized for three months. During that time, she was rehabilitated and granted house arrest. Her getting house arrest was huge since she did not had a trial/hearing until her heart attack. Numerous national television stations recorded her trial and her story was covered by every local newspaper. Slowly, I began to smile and forget everything that happened as I gained back the person I loved the most. However, that happiness was short lived since she was told by her lawyer that they would implement a death sentence. Knowing that I was in danger, my mom sent me to Mount Union University in Ohio where my sister was living. Remarkably, my mom arrived three days later and was eventually granted political
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