Conformity In Edgar Allan Poe's Short Story

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As one continues their education he or she is bound to read one of Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories. Poe was a man of great intellect, who is known today for his numerous short stories. Poe was born in Boston in 1809. Both of his parents passed away while he was still young. Therefore, he was raised by a man named John Allan, which is how Poe acquired the name Allan as part of his full name. Poe was married to a woman named Virginia who passed away in 1847 from Tuberculosis. After her death, Poe became depressed and began to drink an excessive amount. Poe eventually passed away, but was never forgotten. Poe is still remembered for his creation of the detective genre. While stories associated with the detective genre conform to specific…show more content…
These two short stories are often associated with the creation of the detective genre by Poe. As evident in ‘The Murders of Rue Morgue’, Poe created an unjustly accused suspect. This suspect was known as Adolphe Le Bon. Adolphe Le Bon was accused of murdering Madame L’Espanaye and her daughter, Mademoiselle Camille. The police wrongly accused him of committing the crime due to the fact that he brought Madame L’Espanaye 4,000 francs three days before the murder took place. Dupin proved that it wasn’t Le Bon who committed the murder as the 4,000 francs were still in the apartment after the murder happened. Another convention which is found in ‘The Murders of Rue Morgue’ is the process of mental reasoning. Throughout the whole investigation of the murder, Dupin is using his knowledge to think critically about how the murder was committed. He observed little things such as the one nail missing on the window, a ribbon knotted on a light pole outside the apartment, and that the hair on Madame L’Espanaye wasn’t actually human hair. These minute clues brought Dupin to the solution that an Ourang-Outang had committed the murders of both women. Another element which can be found in the ‘Murder of the Rue Morgue’ is that of a clever detective who has a special talent. Dupin has a special talent to observe the little things
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