Conformity In Edward Scissorhands

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"In a world where we are forced to conform to society, it is necessary to have personal chaos", said Alan Armstrong. Edward Scissorhands, a dark romantic film from 1990, spotlights the structured rules of society and one man who refuses to mimic the rest. Edward and I have both suffered conformity, been swallowed for our diversity and shocked by the intensity of love. Society, cruel and ruthless, handles differences in a manner similar to the way a predator stalks their prey. Devouring the life at the first sign of weakness. Life can end or change in a second. It only took Edward’s life to be flipped around in 10 minutes. His attire was the first object to change. Taken from his dark and isolated mansion to the cookie cutter town of Suburbia,…show more content…
What is love? According to Google the term is defined as “an intense feeling of deep affection”. Each person has their own idea of what love truly means. Some can even argue that the feeling doesn’t exist but those who are fortunate enough experience it every day. Luckily Edward found this feeling in Kim, a kind hearted and warm young lady. Through their time together she showed him being different isn’t as awful as it’s made out to be. During the film, Kim introduced her boyfriend to Edward and, in a New York minute they hated one another. Trying to please Kim, Edward participated in one of the schemes her boyfriend formulated. Confronting him Kim yelled “Why would you risk everything?!”, simply Edward whispered “Because you asked me to”. This demonstrated to the viewers and myself that Edward’s love for Kim had no barriers. Willingly he put his life at danger to delight this girl. Love, fleeting and fluid, is something to be cherished throughout life. I fell into a heart wrenching love while I was only 15 years old. Reading novels about heroines and tragic love stories is no comparison to the real emotion and that never ceases to amaze me. I am just a high school student, I may not even understand what love is yet, but I have been emotionally attached to people and that is an emotion all in itself. It’s a sensation Edward and I both can relate
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