Conformity In Parent's Night

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Stretch Conformity is when a person does not go by the rules or actions that many others do. Often when people conform they are thought to be different. People even sometimes do not want to socialize with them because they are different and It is not what they believe. Conformity effects people because people even have to hide the fact they conform for the sakes of their family or even job. When people conform they are not looked at the same way. In the story Parent’s Night by Nancy Garden. Karen is looked at differently by her parents when she finally comes out about being a lesbian and they have to learn to accept her. People must express themselves so others minds can be stretched. In the story, Karen is a lesbian…show more content…
“ Karen, I’d rather you weren’t gay . And I don’t quite believe you are; you're so very young. But if you are, if you turn out to be, I want you to know I still love you, and i’ll do my best to support you. I like Roxy, and I'm glad you - you’ve got her” (144). After, Karens mom stretched her mind from her ideas on aids and the community to understanding Karen and attempting to support her. Her mom did not know what to do when she came out and she did not understand it. If Karen would have never came out her mom would have not been properly educated about AIDs and the community. Karen was treated differently by her parents after she told them because they were conformist and did not know or believe in people of the same gender being together. Even before Karen told them she was a lesbian they made a comment about how it would look wrong for her to be at the booth for parents night and how they do not want her with that crowd. Karens father ignored her for days and even on her birthday he did not give her the traditional Yellow sweetheart rose she always gets. Karen got getting her yellow sweetheart rose represents her father not claiming her as his daughter like before. Her father was not comfortable with her being Lesbian and he did not know how to react. When parents night came along her father opened up about his feelings towards her being a lesbian and
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