Conformity In The 1950s

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Many individuals/Scholars tend to characterize the 1950s as a time of conformity, prosperity, & solidarity. While the 1960s was viewed as the decade of pandemonium, chaos & rebellion. These descriptions of both decades may be accurate. But many argue that there is a correlation between the two periods.
The 1950s within the United States of Americas was categorized as a formalist and lucrative for numerous purposes. The United States was un-doubly the planet’s strongest military power. The initial and highly extensive of these reasons which led to such a glorious age was the postwar-baby boom. Following World War II, an abundant amount of Americans wanted to have children after the US obtained glory. They felt that the following years upon
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The expansions of bedroom-communities also materialized to accommodate the large volume of new Americans that was being produced. After the World War II numerous individuals purchased land on the outskirts of urban-cities and use the advancement of technology to create inexpensive houses that was attractive to the baby-boomers. To further accommodate the audience the G.I. Bill of the returning soldiers & their families made housing in the suburbs even cheaper. In a way it was a win-win for man and country.
It wasn’t all peaches & roses in the late 1950s for minorities. A large majority of Black Americans was still within the South. Which resulted in the confinement of segregation. Some justice was won a prime example was the case decision called “Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas which ruled segregation the field of education was “unequal”. It was apparent that the social and political aspect of the 1950s was prosperous for the mass of the middle-class Americans. But unfortunately for the unprivileged Americans & minority’s hostility, tensions & conflict was abundant during the
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During World War II women felt free because they worked in factories and other fields. With the closing of World War II the men returned victories. The ladies was once again stationed back in the household. Furthermore women of our country during the 1960s became dissatisfied due to the restrictions force upon them. A sexual revolution soon followed. Groups such as the “The Modern Utopian” tried to annex themselves from society due to their dissatisfaction with the current norms. As birth control pills were produced these individuals tried to obtain a “higher-level” of understanding by undergoing sexual actions. With such as radical way of addresses specific social issues the “Modern Utopian” didn’t stick with the public. The media portrayed them as animals and organization eventually fell apart.
It’s apparent the 1950s & 1960s varied from one another. The 50s was a time of conformity while the 60s was a time of conflict and protest. But its evident that 1950s did in fact produce the troubles of the
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