Conformity In The Crucible

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Human is a species that live in group, and conformity is one of the distinct characteristic of human nature. In the play The Crucible, Arthur Miller investigates various natures in community throughout Act 1 and 2. The play took place at Salem, a town that primarily based on puritanism, the major plot of this play is about witchcraft and witch hunt. Miller conveys a essential message of people always search for conformity from society as a form to prove their identity, further, any rebellion would consider as outcast from majority. The author explores the theme by the use of conflict, this literary element best demonstrates changes of characterizations and complication between others and internal struggle. Most people act as followers, because…show more content…
In Act 2, Elizabeth accused of witch doing. Her husband Proctor was fury and anxious to clear off her names, thus he acted unwisely. “Suddenly snatching the warrant out of Cheever’s hands ripping the warrant.” (Miller 82). Even though Proctor had fought for his wife, but his voice was meaningless from curt authority, thus Elizabeth stated, “I will fear nothing. Tell the children I have gone to visit someone sick” (Miller 83) and left. Clearly, Proctor’s action and attitude considered as rebellion from society and authority, where he had ripped out a warrant from court to deliver the message of “my wife will not go to court for a crime that she didn’t committed”. Although Proctor had illustrated his manhood to protect his wife by challenge the authority, but his voice was powerless compare with court authority. Therefore, Elizabeth in compliance with the authority figures because she was responsible to obey rules and laws as citizens. Further, her fear disclosed the power of individual in Puritan society, since her family’s voice was unheard and ignore, and she cannot defend herself from crime. In this act, Miller discovers the power of individual and the effect of rebellion. People who had oppositions often consider useless, since they’re incapable to deliver their message to majority due to the fact that they had no strength compare with community. Therefore, rebellion consider as outcast, and a challenge to
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