Conformity In The Film 'Cool Hand Luke'

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Society is built up of a group of individuals who are organized into a community based off of similar beliefs and values regardless if that is religiously, culturally or other purpose based. In every society there are rules and regulations established, norms created and punishments carried out for members participating in deviant activities. In the movie Cool Hand Luke directed by Stuart Rosenberg, Lucas Jackson the main character is painted as a non-conformist after destroying parking meters while under the influence and thus is sentenced two years in prison. In the new environment Luke soon learns that this correctional prison consists of numerous rules that must be abided by and if not, must be faced with harsh punishment. However, the severity of the rule breaking and the punishment accompanied do not equally balance, illustrating that simply forgetting one’s laundry number or losing one’s spoon will result in harsh…show more content…
Many of the inmates have changed their attitudes and conformed to this strict lifestyle in order to avoid such punishments, which consequently lead to the loss of identity. During his time at Road Prison 36, Luke demonstrates his rebelliousness and individuality by constantly going against authority. Furthermore, Luke attempts two escapes, the second of which triggered Luke’s death at the hands of one of the prison Bosses. This essay will examine how the social psychological themes of conformity, authority and non-conformity are portrayed in the movie Cool Hand Luke. More specifically the critical analysis of how conformity and obedience to authority result in less punishment but equally a lack of self identity, and how non-conformity leads to the questioning of the system, individuality and the power of
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