Conformity In The Music Industry Essay

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For the past hundred years, the music industry has made a lasting impact on American culture. Today, music is played almost everywhere you go and different artists seem to be popping up left and right. Competition for record labels, venues, and advertisement agencies have increased as the music industry becomes one of the most profitable industries in the world today. Drawn to the fame and fortune that the music industry flaunts, many musicians undergo years of musician training in hopes of success. However, due to the fluctuating environment of the music scene and the emphasis on connections rather than music talent, musical training will make success in music more obtainable, but ultimately makes a minimal impact.
Before the 20th century, musicians have always used their talents to provide entertainment live, in person, to thousands
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They must learn to produce the music that best complies with the current style of music the consumers are most interested to hear. Thus, trend conformity in musicians is imperative for their success. To be successful, musicians now have to recognize certain aspects of their music and alter it to make it more appealing to their listeners. Throughout the past 40 years, we can see the general trend of music shift from Rock N Roll to Disco to Hip Hop to Alternative then back to Hip Hop then to vocalist oriented pop. If a musician today released a disco track, it would be very doubtful that it would be featured on any radio station. Thus, connections are formed when music producers recognize a musician's ability to appeal to the trend, but at the same time retain their originality. Musicians incorporate this cognition in their entire image. The artist’s stage name, tour locations, album art, and lyrics all tie into some form of audience awareness. Without this awareness toward the consumers and their interests, no amount of musical training will make you any more

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