Essay On Western Beauty

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A world where ideals of beauty constantly shift . A world where the central power gets to decide what the standard for beauty is through the media. A world where women are judged for their outward appearances and compared to the overarching base for beauty—the Western ideal. That subsists as the reality of Earth in the year 2017. Although conformity can lead to unity, the Western media’s distortion of beauty destroys all of the unique standards of beauty that different cultures have, leading many people to do plastic surgery.
Though it is hard to find positive outcomes from the Western media’s biased thought of beauty, some do exist if one digs down deep. One positive effect of the reach of the Western media is that it creates unity between countries; and a unified ideal of beauty can ease hostility a bit. Also, the Western media helps with cultural exposure, letting people all over the world
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However, how is it good if in the process it completely annihilates the unique, special types of beauty different cultures have held at high esteem for centuries? Can generations of cultural beauty be disregarded just because of the effect of the media? Written in print like this, it sounds easy to ignore what the media puts out and protect each culture’s uniqueness; but that is not the kind of society the 21st century has shaped. According to author Deborah Rhode , “How someone looks can express religious and political values, as well as convey class and cultural identity” (Rhode), which means that things about people are often revealed through the way they look and dress. Although this may be true how can people express their ethnicity when they are trying their best to imitate Western looks? When doing so, their natural cultural identity becomes buried under fake layers of another culture’s beauty
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