Fahrenheit 451 Conflict Analysis

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Meadow Scanio p.8 In society everyone wants to fit in to belong, but the more people try to conform on the outside the more they will question society as a whole on the inside. Bradbury uses this idea in his book Fahrenheit 451 which creates the main conflict in the story, Montage’s struggle against conformity. Montage questions why he is burning books while he tries to fit into the thoughtless society and keep up the appearance that nothing has changed, allowing conflict to form in his life because of his fight to realize right and wrong. Bradbury uses montages job as a firefighter to show how he fits into society because firefighters make up the image for the world they live in. When Clarisse asks Montage if he had “ever read any books”…show more content…
As a fireman Montage’s job is to burn books, but Montage soon questions the reasons he is a fireman, which is shown when Montage meets clarisse because she is “odd” and unlike society in many ways it makes him start to think more like her and question why things are the way they are (Bradbury, 5). She asks Montage many questions about why he is a fireman and if what he believes he is doing is right which makes him wonder if firemen are the good guys at all or are they just a way to solve the differences in the world and make everyone alike. The fact that Clarisse is different from society makes Montage see the other perspective of life making him question the way he thinks. When Montage “burns and old lady with her books” this makes montage wonder what was so important about the books for a woman to kill herself over. This question haunted montage which made him do irrational things that are against the law like read books and steal them. Montage “stole” a book from the lady’s house because he wanted to know the reason the books were important (Bradbury, 77). Montage found out that Books were the main conflict and caused disagreements in the world which is why they had the firemen burn
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