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Conformity Despite the Facts Conformity. It’s something everyone does without really knowing they are. Mary Drebbe even says "Our desire to conform is greater than our respect for objective facts". Studies on conformity date back to 1932. Several more have been conducted by well-known psychologists since as it has become more prevalent in today’s society. Why has it become so popular to conform though? What is it about people that make them conform? Humans have a large desire to be a part of the in-group which causes them to ignore the facts against their actions. Our desire to conform in peer pressure, political beliefs, and religion is greater than objective facts. Conformity has been evident since the early 1900s. Arthur Jenness and…show more content…
They are also aware of the health risks caused by both drinking and using drugs. Yet when a twenty year old student walks into a college party, completely aware of these laws and health risks, they see the people around them drinking, doing drugs, and appearing to enjoy themselves. Informational influence causes the student to believe that these actions are more acceptable in this situation. Normative influence creates the need to be accepted and if they don’t drink or do drugs they believe that they won’t fit in with these people. This can explain why many students end up binge-drinking. They would rather participate in the actions to fit in and be accepted and ignore that what they are doing goes against objective…show more content…
Many churches have stated that they will not and do not support gay marriage due to their interpretation of the Bible. Followers on theses churches have conformed to these ideals as well. However, it is stated in the Bible that we should love and forgive all. Yet these churches do not love, support, forgive, or some even want to be in the presence of people in the LGBTQ community. They believe that Jesus died for all of our sins, as stated in the Bible, but they should be opposed to those in the LGBTQ community. Church members blind acceptance of what their church leaders say which cause them to ignore the Bible, the basis of their

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