Conformity In Human Behavior

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Conformity is a behavior that has been adapted throughout the human behavior through a psychological state. Conformity is defined as a type of social influence involving a change in belief or behavior in order to fit in with a group. The desire to be accepted among groups of people in the community can be tempting by wanting to belong with others, this can be determined by people lying to make themselves sound better in the sense of stretching the truth with an event that didn’t occur. Being afraid of humiliation can cause a conformist to accept the behavior to avoid being embarrassed or harrasseed by social influence. This can be seen as bullying, peer pressure, and psychologically wrong causing the conformists to give in to the natural human…show more content…
Bullying is to be superior in strength to intimidate or influence someone, conformity is very much like this showing that if you conform to a situation just because it is what everyone else is doing doesn’t make it right or help the person that is conforming. Bullying can make someone conform to what they are doing with harassment, hassing, and embarrassment that can make consequences. There are many consequences to conformity, such as, the act of lying to becoming someone who you aren’t by not telling the truth, because the thought of being different scares society into not conforming. “When I put on another suit to go see a client, I feel as though I am putting on another face, obeying the expectation that serious business people wear.” (Facades) Caesar is explaining in the text that as a person he puts on a suit and changes his attitude just to conform to the way that business people dress even though he doesn’t feel like he should present himself in such a way. In society we struggle with individuality, this can be explained by society not wanting to be different from one another because the thought of being harassed and being embarrassed frightens society. Conformity makes everyone appear, buy, and drive the same and this doesn’t allow others to express themselves, self esteem, and the act of…show more content…
Peer pressure can have many consequences as well as conformity, these consequences come after wanting to be within the social norm that society creates. Conformity relies on peer pressure due to the influence that it has on each and every person, if the person caves in then that person is only caving in because of the fear of being different, and aside from their peers. The article Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell, explains the kind of peer pressure that convinces the author to shoot the elephant, “They did not like me, but with the magical rifle in my hands I was momentarily watching worth watching. And suddenly I realized that I should have to shoot the elephant after all.” Orwell is giving an example of conformity by the peer pressure that is shown by the thousands of people watching the police officer. In this case the officer wants attention, and when he receives the attention he conformes to doing what he doesn’t intend to do which is shooting the elephant because of the feeling of importance that is being displayed. Peer pressure can have many consequences and with this being said these consequences can be constily, with the person that is being peer pressured can get hurt, just to stand out in front of others, for example the police officer didn’t want to shoot the elephant but when shown attention
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