Conformity: What Does It Means To Be Myself

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“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”(Sharon L. Alder) Individuality is about being different from others and it’s okay because it’s a good different. If you 're different from others then you’re an individual who likes doing it your way, and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about you. Mostly everyone is a conformity person which means that they follow the crowd, for example like a bunch of birds flying together in the same direction is conformity, but if one bird turns around and goes the other direction then he is an individual that doesn’t follow the crowd. It is okay to think for yourself instead of doing it someone else’s way. Mostly everyone is conformity but people don’t want to say that they are but if they had to choose to do it their way or follow someone else, they would probably follow someone else. What I’m trying to say is to be yourself rather than have someone else tell you something different and then following them.…show more content…
I am against conformity because no one should be the same as someone else. People should just be themselves and like who they are. There is this man named leopard man and he is an individual that everyone looks at him like a freak but really he is a non-conformist which means he lives how he wants to. Leopard man is a guy who lives in the wild with no one but himself and is covered with tattoos looking like a leopard. He does not care what anyone says about how he looks, he already knows how he looks and he wanted that because no one else is like him and he wants to live the way he wants to
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