Confronting Disruptive Behavior In The Workplace Essay

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Addressing disruptive behavior in the workplace is a difficult task in itself, especially when that person is a physician. There are many steps that must be taken as a practice manager in order to get this situation under control before the practice loses staff and have upset patient’s. Confronting situations where staff is being disrespected by the physician has to be addressed immediately because in the end it will affect the patients and the workflow of the practice. The first step I would take is hold a staff meeting only without the physician so I can get a good sense of how the employees are feeling and make note of every time the physician mistreated the staff. Obtaining that information will help me articulate a plan on how to approach the physician. Also…show more content…
During this meeting I have to thread carefully because I do not want the physician to feel like I am attacking him/misunderstand what I need to address. Below are the steps I would explain to the physician how I am approaching the issue. I would also let him or her know that this meeting is considered a verbal warning. Also during this meeting I would want to reiterate that my main goal is to keep a non-hostile work environment for everyone where all employees are treated fairly.

Steps I would use to approach the physician (Progressive Discipline Steps)
1. Verbal Warning
2. Written Warning

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