Confucianism And Buddhism Similarities

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Comparison between Buddhism and Confucianism Buddhism was born in India by Siddhartha who later came to be known to be Gautam Buddha and worshiped by the entire Buddhist. Their doctrines are derived on the removal of miseries and sorrows in life. Confucian is traced to begin in China as the oldest philosophy in the country. Its ideas talk about good governance, harmony, and emphasizes on social relationships. Their teachings are similar. Both of them encourage their followers to question what they are taught so that they can learn from one another. Confucius wants their members to discover the truth by themselves without merely trusting what is told to be true. Questioning for the truth was important to them rather than following the rules that have been set to them. Confucianism has significantly influenced the political and religious life of China.…show more content…
It emphasizes on teaching the person to be good. Buddhists are after taking an individual to enlightenment, whereas Confucius teaches their follower on the need for proper conduct. Both of them do not restrict their fans to stick to the rules. Rather, they are given a chance to question the teachings to get the right path by themselves. Moreover, they agree that the culture was destroyed during the Chinese Communist regime. Their doctrines promote external harmony in the society as well as the inner peace is maintained. The atheist could partake their religious practices. All those who admired the practices of the two religions were welcomed to be part of
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