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Why do we need to know Chinese business? Europe has been the dominating economic structure since the start of industrial age, Globalization has stated to effect in the 20th century as an aggressive phase on economic integration. It is relevant because this phase that fortuitously coincided with the opening of china in 1970’s. The global environment at the end of 20th century had struggles in economic decline of the western industrial nations, collapse of the command economics headed by the soviet union, revolution in economic and communication technologies, MNC’S started to look for greener pasture to invest for the growth of the company, collapse of the Keynesian-neoclassical synthesis in macroeconomic management.
During the same era the death
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Chinese culture and practices weather its business or culture are different than that of west. To successfully expand business in china knowing and practicing common customs will help in relaxing, avoiding embarrassment, and focus on critical occasions. China’s history has outlived all other great empires in Eurasia including the Egyptian, roman, ottoman and many great empires. It is said that china’s history can be dated back to 4000 years ago, the history has been well documented in both official annals and private historical records. The origin of the word ‘China’ is associated with an ancient Chinese empire, the first united Chinese dynasty of Ch’in (221-206BC). History can help foreign business associates to understand certain Chinese attributes and behavior in business negotiation to build close business or personal relationships (关系)…show more content…
Confucianism is a leading part of Chinese culture which has been profound through the teaching of Confucius. The mindset of many Asian countries is still being influenced by Confucian practices, as of June 2007 as many as 156 Confucian collages has been set up in 54 countries. The economic systems has look-forward to foster positive Confucian elements such as thrift, asceticism and industriousness, China’s economic system has moved towards the convergence with other Asian market economies, which in-tern looks to Confucian Dynamism which was found fertile ground in china. The Qin dynasty first unified china under Confucianism but later adopted an anti-Confucian policy by prosecuting Confucian scholars and burning their books. The nature of Confucian is to promote social harmony, modesty, self-discipline, strong families and non-aggression, helped china to refrain from aggressive overseas expansion and to maintain stable society. Remember Confucianism is not a religion, but a set of political, social, philosophical and moral doctrines. The teaching and writings of Confucius are fallowed by Mencius or Meng Tzu and more of his well-known
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