How Did Steve Jobs Succeed In The Great Gatsby

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Last Destination ≠ End 1. Introduction This story is about Tim, a 25-year-old entrepreneur who successes in the high-tech industry in a fast-booming economic entity in Asia. Villa in Cali, good-figured white ladies lying beside swimming pool, black cards of the American Express, executive seats of jets, Italian fancy cars etc., all seem no-big-deal to this real-life version of the Great Gatsby. Interestingly, he is barely like a 10-year older version of Amos Yee who seemingly will get drunk after a Chelsea’s game and puke on your door’s carpet at 3 a.m. However, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” In my personal view, the recipe of his success, to a very large extent, is in relation to his personal glamour which is as well actually contributed by the technique of how he motivates people to “go wild” with him. 2. How he successes Six years ago, we both graduated from high school, he was eager to start up his own business that was exactly inspired by Steve Jobs who had fundamentally impacted on the modern technology industry even till nowadays. Tim therefore refused the enrolment offer from a university and embarking on his way to actualize his wild dream. At the…show more content…
In fact, it is a magnificently similar-to-religion technique of “brainwashing” to selves as well as the surroundings. I personally am a “Theory X” advocator. In the view of religion, Christianity considers the evil instinct and laziness from the inside of human beings, but contrary to it, the oriental Confucianism advocates “the innocent, pure and naive nature originates by nature”. We can clearly see and compare these two, The Theory X is similar to the opinion of Christianity. Namely, people are selfish by nature, driven by interests and self-centralized. But the need of self-actualization overcomes it if we relate to the hierarchy mould, which helps to skips from the need of physiological straight to the peak of the
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