Confucianism Vs Daoism Essay

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1 Daoism and Confucianism are both widely misunderstood in the Western culture. People who practice and follow Daoism are called Daoists; while, people who practice and follow Confucianism are called Confucians. The word “Dao” is equivalent to the word of way, path, and road. In which, the significance of the meaning refers to the Daoist’s religion of the natural way of life. On the other hand Confucianism originated as a Western term, in which it focuses on ethics and education. Both of these religion have both affected and been affected by the Chinese culture, in which the difference between the two religions differ from their point of views on the Dao and how to live it. 2In addition, it has been stated that Daoism does not have a single…show more content…
One of a recognizable name in China that is in many of Korean variety shows is name Gui Gui. These two famous actor and actress are both very popular in Asia, in which they have also co stared in each other shows.8 In addition, the estimated number of people who are practicing Daoism was said to be about twenty million people worldwide, while Confucianism was said to be about six million people. 9However, Daoism is mainly practiced in China and Confucianism is mainly practiced in Eastern Asia.10 In addition, both Daoism and Confucianism has a symbol call the Yin-Yang. The circle represents the universe that includes the matter and spirit that holds them together. The light and dark depicts that image of the two opposite powers in the universe. The curved lines represent the motion that are always in constants and that are changing. The Yin represents the feminine, soft, and a clam nature while the Yang represents the masculine, powerful, and the active natures. Though Daoism also have the symbol of the eight immortals, which represent the power of giving life, and the five-element chart, which shows the birth of the five
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