Confucius And Antigone Similarities

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Confucius Confucius is an educator, politician and a philosopher of the Chinese history; whose philosophy accentuates personal and legislative ethics, perfection of social associations, integrity and authenticity. His supporters contended efficaciously with many other institutes during the Hundred Schools of Thought period only to be bottled-up in kindness of the Legalists through the Qin Dynasty. Subsequent to the triumph of Han over Chu after the breakdown of Qin, Confucius's beliefs got authorized sanction and were then developed into a structure called as Confucianism. Confucius is conventionally accredited for possessing many of the Chinese characteristic texts comprising all of the Five Classics, but contemporary academics are watchful…show more content…
Who has accomplished the first funeral? How do we seem sensible of Antigone’s chant? To summarize, she infers this performance as Creon demonstrating self-ruled values, whereas Antigone symbolizes that of the aristocracy. Antigone considers her brother is absolutely unique, encouraging her to scream in a superfluous manner at his demise; Honig has described this as an illustration of her blue-blooded morals. Similarity between Confucius and Antigone Theory of Family: Antigone and Confucius were two poles apart stories transcribed at different periods at two diverse dwellings. Though, there lies an element of similarity between the two regarding the theory of family. Synergism in one’s household is of prime importance: Antigone had the courage to go in consort with her ethical predisposition to achieve what she believed was an obligation of the family when she desired to provide her departed brother a suitable burial. She was reprimanded and casted away by the Ruler, which in relation was her own uncle. She acknowledged to the misconduct and felt no repentance for the same. Regrettably, she was forced to commit a suicide. For her entire life what she imparted was unbelievable, as the responsibility of the household should be privileged and
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