Confusing Love In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Confusing love A lot of people can’t make up their mind about a bunch of things that happens in their life.What to wear,who to hang out with and even what to eat. But not a lot of people are as unsure as juliet. Juliet’s tragic flaw is being indecisive, and not knowing what to do in the moment.She faces a bundle of problems, in such a small about of time it is preposterous. resulting Juliet in sticky situations, such as relationship problems and she is really unsure what to do. Juliet is also easily persuaded in her decisions.In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet portrays her tragic flaw as indecisive and unstable. first off, Juliet constantly changes her mind about many events that occur in her life. In the beginning of the play, Juliet didn’t want anything to do with marriage and simply boys in general. While Romeo all of a sudden brings up the idea of marrying Juliet, she was hesitant about the idea but then exclaimed “Thy purpose marriage send word tomorrow” (2.1.144). Juliet was very fickle about the big picture of getting married so fast, since at the start she didn’t even think of it until her mom brought up the idea. Correspondingly, Juliet was debating about kissing Romeo, she did not…show more content…
Perhaps if Juliet would’ve had her mind made up from the gecko, and would’ve have had an indecisive approach to many obstacles, then maybe things could have worked out with Romeo and her, or even still be
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