Congress Of Racial Equality Essay

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Executive Order 8802
Executive Order 8802 was the first federal action towards promoting equality and to prohibit employment discrimination in the US and was signed by President, Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Congress of Racial Equality founded
The Congress of Racial Equality is a US civil rights organisation that played a leading role in the movement and was founded in Chicago on the 20th June 1942. Its a interracial voluntary organisation founded by James Farmer. Working with other organisations CORE played a part in organising the first Freedom Ride, desegregating Chicago 's schools, March on Washington and Freedom Summer.
Brown v. Board of Education
The Brown v. Board of Education case on May 17th 1954, the court unanimously ruled that racial segregation in schools breached the Equal Protect Article of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. The decision declared that separate educational institutes for white and African Americans was unequal. Overturning 1896 decision of "separate but equal". This ruling in particular paved the way for the movement and was a major victory.
Emmett Till Murder
Emmett Till was a 14 year old boy who was visiting family in Money, Mississippi, when he was brutally murdered for reportedly flirting with a white woman working at a grocery store. Four days later, Till was kidnapped and
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It consisted of local activists as well as the SNCC who were the main leaders in the demonstration. In December 1961, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the SCLC became involved in the movement. The movement resulted in the jailing of more then 1,000 African Americans. The Albany Movement ultimately failed to achieve its goal because of the force and power of the opposition. Resulting, in the movement having less and less support and was failure. However, this movement was a key lesson and tactics were learnt for future civil rights
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