Congress Rhetorical Analysis

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The popularity of the members of Congress and Congress overall has been declining as the years pass and time changes. The dissatisfaction and disapproval of the public is so high because according to David Mayhew who wrote Congress the Electoral Connection members of Congress are single-minded people who are only focused on reelection, involve in “smart” behavior such as position taking, credit-claiming and advertisement. Also, according to Mayhew parties are weak, however, that is all not true people tend to vote more so for their party than the person in general. Arnold the writer of Logic of Congressional Outcome, states that Congress has many things to take into account such as citizen preference, robe-challenger, has to take into account…show more content…
Meaning they will do anything as long as it doesn 't threaten their principal goal which is reelection.” (Arnold, 5). Reelection is the main goal but members of Congress will do other things that are beneficial to their constituency unlike the theory that Mayhew brings up. Although, congressmen have to watch out for what they say and how they act since there will always be an opponent who will attempt to bring all those things to light to use them as an advantage and most of the time is decisions and conditions that the public hasn 't even noticed and wouldn 't at all if it wasn 't for the robo-challenger. In addition to that reasoning congressmen are extremely unpopular with the public because they have to take into consideration the input of experts, generalist and ordinary people. One would obviously take the position of the experts on the mere fact that they are experts on that topic, however, members of Congress have to take into account the category of people who will get him reelected and normally that is the ordinary citizen. So by voting on a topic based on the not so expert opinion of the ordinary citizen bills, and enacting proposals they may not bring fourth the best solution where as if they would vote on the experts opinion it would be a resourceful way to go about enacting or proposing bills in the House. Arnold has a different way to view the unpopularity of congressmen that is more understandable because I believe they have to take into account numerous amounts of situations, outcomes, and deal with many different people and many more different opinions, congressmen sometimes find themselves caught in the middle choosing between siding with the people because that mean a higher chance of reelection or
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